About Us

Gaston Career Climb is an innovative program based on the Career Readiness Certificate and WorkKeys skills assessment and training.  It provides students, workers, and employers a nationally-standardized credential guaranteeing proficiency in the critical skills workers need and employers require.

Gaston Career Climb is a partnership between local philanthropic foundations and community organizations.  The program is not initially creating “new” methodologies in our area; the goal is to establish and maintain a collaborative partnership among agencies in Gaston County that are currently involved in workforce development to implement a comprehensive marketing plan to businesses to create a “demand” for existing workforce development programs.  Gaston Career Climb represents a countywide approach to elevate the value of education and prepare individuals for career and salary advancement opportunities.  The marketing initiative will include promoting employment skills training enhancement to all citizens of Gaston County.

Gaston Career Climb retains and attracts business by providing a certified workforce – ready to work the day they are hired.

  • Skills assessments and training give businesses access to employees ready to learn the specific skills required for success, with decreased job turnover.
  • Assessment and training in real-world skills results in reduced drop-out rates.
  • A career track for Adult High School and GED students means a more productive, future-ready workforce.
  • A nationally-recognized and portable credential – the Career Readiness Certificate – equips the student for their entire career.

Mission Statement:

Gaston Career Climb is a collaborative workforce development process that will position Gaston County as the preferred location for economic development by establishing and sustaining a nationally certified and skilled workforce.  With the help of eleven (11) Gaston County organizations and one hundred (100) local employers who are supporting this endeavor, our goals are to raise the educational level of current Gaston County workers by supporting the Career Readiness Certificate awarded by Gaston College as well as all 58 Community Colleges in North Carolina; to have a direct affect on the high school dropout rate in our county by emphasizing to students, our emerging workforce, the importance and relevance of staying in school and pursuing higher education; and to work with the inmates in the County Correctional System in awarding the Career Readiness Certificate to have a direct affect on the recidivism rate.