For employers ready to hire, the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) gives you the ability to  accurately assess a candidate’s job skills, simplify hiring practices by streamlining the application process, and helps match the right person to the right job; thereby, reducing employee turnover and training time.

Process for Employers agreeing to recognize, recommend, or require the Career Readiness Certificate:

  • Representative signs a Resolution of Support stating the employer agrees to recognize, recommend, or require the CRC as part of their hiring and/or promotion process.
  • For any job openings, the employer should submit a job order through the Gaston County Employment Security Commission (ESC).
  • If you choose to use the ESC, the office notifies Gaston College’s Career Readiness Certificate specialist so the employer’s information can be added to the CRC database.
  • A statement should be included on all the employer’s employment-related materials/ads, posted with the ESC or elsewhere, indicating the level of the CRC that is either recognized, recommended, or required for a particular job.
  • If you print available job advertisements, please list that you prefer applicants obtain a CRC.
  • If applicants do not hold a CRC and want to be considered for positions, they should be referred to Gaston College’s Career Readiness specialist, Donna Blake, for information regarding the CRC process.
  • If an employer recognizes or recommends a CRC for a specified position, the employer should have the job profiled to ensure applicants have the proper skill level required for the position.
  • If an employer requires a CRC for a specific position, the job must be profiled to meet the validity and fairness requirements of the EEOC guidelines.
  • For information on profiling, contact the Suzanne Sanford at the Gaston Regional Chamber.
  • Employers desiring information on potential candidates/employees who have obtained a CRC will have access to a state database, which is currently under construction.
  • Individuals holding a CRC may access information of Supporting Businesses to see the list of employers who recognize, recommend, or require the credential and have signed a Resolution of Support.

Click here to sign a Resolution of Support

Resolution of Support Definitions:

  • Recognize – the employer recognizes the importance of the Career Readiness Certificate and the educational/training value it represents.
  • Recommend – if two or more candidates have equal qualifications for a position, the employer will give hiring or promotion preference to the candidate with the Career Readiness Certificate.
  • Require – all applicants being considered for hiring or for promotion will need to have the appropriate level (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Career Readiness Certificate.