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Desired/Specific Outcomes
Three Year Action Plan

Actual Outcomes

Pay for an additional 1500 Career Readiness Certificates through Gaston College


  • 2023 CRCs paid for by Gaston Career Climb
  • 4743 Total number of CRCs given by Gaston College


Create 4,000 new KeyTrain Users


  • 11,606 new KeyTrain users since October 2008 to August 1, 2011
  • 3497 new Keytrain users since January 2011 

Issue 90 new CRCs within the jail system


  • 172 new CRCs issued within the jail system

  • 23% recividism rate among CRC holders

Sign 150 new Gaston County Employers to Recognize, Recommend, or Require the CRC within their hiring procedures


  • State wide employers who now recognize, Recommend, or Require the CRC in their hiring practices have been compiled and are being added to the Gaston Career Climb website

  • 137 Gaston County and Area Employers now Recognize, Recommend, or Require the CRC

Organize a Countywide Workforce Development Committee through the Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce


GCC is now under the Economic Development Division of Gaston Chamber of Commerce


Develop and implement a tracking system for CRC holders to determine the ‘CRC value’


Supporting Businesses were surveyed.  Their responses included positive responses towards GCC cultivating services like customized trainings, job profiling, free job postings, and involvement in Gaston County Schools.

Gaston Career Climb is currently developing services including Tools We Can Use Luncheon/Breakfast Series, CRC Expos, Job Resource Fairs, Second Chance Employers, etc. 

Obtain funding for two new Key Train licenses for two additional high schools in Gaston County


Ashbrook HS, Hunter Huss HS, and North Gaston HS all have been liscensed for Keytrain/Career Ready 101.


Promote CRC value in all Gaston County High Schools by working with Gaston County Career Technical Director, counselors and teachers


  • County-wide mandate for CRC testing of all CTE seniors
  • Implementation of Career Ready 101 and GCC Presentations in 7-9 classes within Ashbrook HS, Hunter Huss HS, and North Gaston HS working with 5 teachers and approximately 375 students.


Provide marketing and promotional materials for all employers who have signed a resolution of support for Gaston Career Climb

Facebook and Twitter pages are consistantly growing in support from the public.

Newspapers In Education presented GCC with a plaque for service to their iniative.

Promotion of services on Chamber website


Engage emerging workforce in work skills certification to graduate with High School Diploma and a CRC


State wide mandate of CRC testing for all CTE seniors starting Spring 2012


Promote Career Readiness Certification through local job fairs 

Gaston Career Climb Career Fair May 19th, 2012

Joblink Career Fair, April 2012

Hiring Our Heros Job Fair, February 2012