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Letter from Gaston Career Climb,


Gaston Career Climb is at the end of its three year funding cycle and has accomplished so much in that time.  Over 135 area businesses and organizations have signed resolutions of support and over 2000 CRCs have been issued by Gaston College in that time. So what does this mean for the companies that have signed on and how will this impact their business?

As we began to emerge from a down economy, area businesses have slowly begun to hire and it will be more important than ever to find the right employee.  By listing a CRC (Career Readiness Certificate) as a desired qualification for the candidates you are considering you will be able to assure trainability in locating information, reading comprehension and applied mathematics for each candidate with a CRC.

What have our employment partners stated about the benefits of recommending a CRC?    It has been reported by several employers that have recommended, recognized and required the CRC for hiring, that they can see a change in their workers since adopting the CRC in their hiring process.

Also in 2012, Gaston Career Climb staff has added the emerging workforce as a focus area by entering the schools and helping to implement Career Readiness Certification initiatives at each grade level.  Having a certified workforce not only helps the job seeker find the right job, it also makes Gaston County a more attractive site for new businesses to locate.


GCC Calendar
October 2008
Launch Gaston Career Climb to Community
December 2008
Dr. Ed Smith named Director of Gaston Career  
October 2009
First Year Outcomes achieved 
May 2010
 Gaston County Schools receive presentations on GCC 
October 2010
GCC has raised the level of workforce preparedness and quality of life
January 2011
Facebook, Twitter and website marketing initiatives were launched 
February 2011
  Career Ready 101 was implemented into 5 Career/Tech Departmental classes in two Gaston County High Schools
March 2011
Keytrain/CRC components were introduced to Career Management classes 
April 2011
Hunter Huss High School and Ashbrook High School Students were given opportunity to obtain CRC credentialing. 

May 2011
Gaston Career Climb started to strategically work with other agencies within the county in order to create a county wide focus on workforce development. 
July 2011
Gaston Career Climb participated in community programs such as the Highland Festival, Keeping Families Intact Initiative, and receive recognition from Newspapers In Education for service and partnership. 
August 2011
North Gaston High School was included in GCC program services.  
October 2011
County wide mandates for CRC testing of all CTE seniors starting Spring 2012
November 2011
Supporting businesses were surveyed about their use of GCC expansion services. 

February 2012
April 2012
Participation in Job Link Job Fair






Participation in Hiring Our Heros Job Fair